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NRAS Residential

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About PErth Management Services

At Perth Management Services we can ensure that your investment property brings you the maximum return for your investment. In order to do this, we'll keep vacancy times to an absolute minimum, whilst ensuring you get the most money possible by rigorously marketing your property across a range of media.

We'll also protect your investments by screening prospective tenants against our stringent selection criteria and monitoring your property closely throughout the leasing period.

Services Offered

  • Determine a rent based on experience and market research and review rent as the market changes
  • Advertise the property and select qualified tenants after checking previous rental history and references, credit history if possible, employment history and other aspects as applicable to the individual applicant

    Perth Management Services as a Member of the Real Estate Institute of WA also has access to a National Tenancy Data Base that registers "Bad Tenants" and is contributed to by all member companies and affiliated Eastern States companies
  • Secure the tenancy by facilitating the signing of a Residential Tenancy Agreement using a prescribed Real Estate Institute of WA document
  • Collect a Security Bond and hold in accordance with legislative requirements
  • Complete a detailed Property Condition Report and/or Inventory which records the condition of the property at the commencement of the tenancy and is referred to when carrying out the Final Bond inspection
  • Carry out an initial inspection, including a written report, six weeks after the tenancy commences and thereafter every three months or as instructed
  • Arrange minor maintenance repairs, obtain quotes for and supervise any larger maintenance jobs if required
  • Payment of Rates, Taxes, Strata Levies and any other incedental expenses if required
  • Provide a Monthly Income and Expenditure Statement and upon request supply a End of Financial Year Summary statement
  • Attending any Tribunal hearings and acting in accordance with the determination of the Tribunal